Murphy’s Misfits Bulgarian Rugby Club

How did all this happen? Purely by chance. That’s right – in the pub at the beginning of March 2002, while we were all watching the Six Nations tournament, buying rounds and discussing the game. Most of us were regulars at the pub – a strange multinational mixture of people, each one in Sofia for a different reason. The idea of running, playing and tussling out in the open had never occured to any of us. So when it suddenly hit New Zealander Murray……..and he said: “What do you lads say we play some touch rugby?”, some of us replied: “Sounds good, but don’t you think we’re a bit too old for that stuff?”. But Murray was not to be denied: “Of course we’re not too old. And I’ve already reserved a pitch.” (BTW, we play on a different pitch now but we call it the same we have called all other Misfits grounds over the years – Murrayfield). Turns out he was right and if we hadn’t listened to that wise Maori back then, this fantastic club would not be here today.

At first we were playing touch rugby once a week (a softer version of the game, without full contact) at the National Sports Academy in. Studentski grad, Sofia. Of course we were still regulars at the J.J. Murphy’s pub in Sofia, which is now the clubhouse. Pretty soon things became a lot more serious, with more and more people joining the club. The team started playing in international Rugby 7s tournaments in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries, as well as taking on teams from Bulgaria’s domestic rugby league.In the last few years we have played hosts to an increasing number of teams from England, France and the Netherlands. No matter what country our visitors come from, the routine is always kept intact – a friendly game of Rugby 15 and tons of fun before and afterwards.

At present Murphy’s Misfits is a club with a constitution, a board of directors, a logo, a membership fee and a busy weekly schedule.

Murphy’s Misfits is an international club based in Sofia. Some of us are Bulgarian, others work in Sofia, but come from all over the world – England, Ireland, France, Scotland, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, Canada, Wales, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Spain, Argentina, Romania. The more diverse, the better!

Murphy’s Misfits is proud to boast members of many different professions – lawyers, financiers, army officers, IT specialists, tattoo & piercing artists, engineers, journalists, PE teachers, English teachers, marketing specialists, cooks, entrepreneurs, chocolatiers, photographers…There’s even a psychiatrist amongst us.

Murphy’s Misfits is a social club whose members don’t just play and talk rugby – they have fun together as well. The club also does its bit for various charities through dedicated events, the biggest of which is our annual Charity Touch Rugby Tournament. Initiated and organized solely by Misfits, the tournament now has nine years of history. Throughout them its main goal has always been to bring together amateurs, professionals, friends and sponsors for a good cause.

Murphy’s Misfits is not a closed society – the doors are open to anyone willing to have fun and go for it!

For more information about the club follow us on our site Murphy’s Misfits